With Rock, Blues, Jazz, and even Folk roots, Mount and Lion delivers a brilliant sound with intricate and compelling riffs, engaging rhythms, and powerful vocals that channels classic and contemporary influences.

The band originated with the music of Harrison Edwards and his long time bandmate and rhythmic collaborator Brandon Pertzborn (now with Black Flag).  Whether playing his signature red Jaguar, chronic blue Reverend, or his trusty Martin, Harrison, a Texas native, is an engaging front man who has been a regular at Dallas-Fort Worth venues, restaurants, and street corners.  With Harrison now writing, recording, and producing in Nashville, Mount and Lion frequents the Music City scene with Logan Todd on drums, Scott Perlowski on bass, and keyboardist David Crutcher.

Mount and Lion shows feature the band's original music sprinkled with fresh and innovative performances of classic tunes and crowd favorites.  The band's new release features all original songs that, at once, strike you as gritty and smooth, raw and intricate, transparent and mysterious; full of emotion and energy, the songs don’t always directly tell the story, but paint hints and broad strokes that draw you in as you try to fill in the gaps.  You can sense the energy of the band as they recorded the songs together in live sessions. From the soul to the fingers and vocal chords to the mics. No frills, no franken-mixing, no do-overs. It is real, straight ahead music making that will leave you wanting more.

Mount and Lion’s new release is available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc.  Physical CDs as well as digital downloads are available on Band Camp

Come see them play, be a fan, tell a friend, get some music, tell more friends.  Enjoy! 


Influences: The Black Keys, Jonathan Wilson, Tame Impala, The Sheepdogs, Grizzly Bear, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, The Doors, Led Zeppelin...